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The Summer School takes place in B6, 26, Mannheim. Below you see a map where the most relevant locations (conference, venue, hotels, station, ... ) are marked. If you scroll down, you find a list of corresponding symbols and their explanations.

Mannheim is unusual among German cities in that its streets and avenues are laid out in a grid pattern, leading to its nickname "die Quadratestadt" ("city of the squares"). B6 refers to one of these squares and 26 corresponds to the house number. The photo presented above shows the university buildings where the conference itself takes place. It is one of the three yellow/brown buidlings on the right of the image, more precisely, you should enter through the leftmost builing of these three buildings, called the A part ("Gebäudeteil A" ).

The talks are given in the room A1.01 which is a room on the first floor. Reception and conference lounge are located closely to that room and you will find signs that lead you to these places once you entered the builing.

How to travel to the Mannheim by Plane/Train: The closest airport is the airport of Frankfurt am Main (FRA). There are regular ICE trains that travel between Frankfurt Airport and Mannheim every hour. With an ICE you need 30 minutes. You can check the Deutsch Bahn Webpage to find your train. Please take care to enter "Frankfurt(M)Flughafen" and "Mannheim Hbf". Note that "Frankfurt (MAIN)" is NOT the station that you should search for, since the airport has a separate station. Even slightly more complicated, Frankfurt Airport has two stations, one for longer distance and one for short distance trains. The Frankfurt Airport long distance station (Fernbahnhof) is the one where the ICE leaves.

How to travel from Mannheim Main Station to the conference venue: You can walk by foot from the station to the conference venue in approx. 20-25 minutes. There is also a bus starting from the same place as the trams leave in front of the station. This bus goes directly to the conference venue (bus line 60, in direction "Grenadierstraße, Mannheim"). The bus station where you have to leave is called "Mannheim, University West". Tickets can be bought at the machines directly at the place where the bus leaves or inside the bus from the bus driver. On normal work days, the bus leaves every 20 minutes. Another option is to take a taxi for a price of ~10 Euros.

Tourist Information Mannheim

Address: Willy-Brandt-Platz 3, 68161 Mannheim
( At the station forecourt )

Phone number: +49 621 293-8700

Fax number: +49 621 293-8701

Website: www.tourist-mannheim.de/en/Home/


Balladins Superior hotel

Address: C7, 9-11, 68159 Mannheim

Phone number : 0621/1592-0

Fax number: 0621/22248

Booking code: Universität Mannheim
( Do not forget to state this code explicitly )

Website: www.balladins-hotels.com/

Costs: Single room 75.00 € including breakfast
( Additional 15.00€ in seasonal periods)


Ramada Hotel Mannheim

Address: L12, 15, 68161 Mannheim

Phone number: 0621/12740-0

Website: www.ramada.de/hotels/ramada-hotel-mannheim/willkommen.html

Costs: Around 58.00€ - 62.00€ including breakfast
( Also includs W-LAN with online booking over the Website )


Hotel Kurpfalzstuben

Address: L14, 15, 68161 Mannheim

Phone number: 0621/150392-0

Fax number: 0621/150392-90

Website: www.kurpfalzstuben.de


  • Single room: 70.00€ including breakfast
  • Double room: 90.00€ including breakfast
  • Triplebed room: 105.00€ including breakfast

( Bookings over Weekend are maybe cheaper )


City Hotel Mannheim

Address: Tattersallstraße 20-24, 68165 Mannheim

Phone number: 0621/408008

Fax number: 0621/449948

Website: www.city-hotel-mannheim.de/


  • Single room: 65.00€ including breakfast
  • Double room: 85.00€ including breakfast
  • Triplebed room: 110.00€ including breakfast
  • Fourbed room: 130.00€ including breakfast



Conference location

Address: B6, 26, 68159 Mannheim

Phone number: +49 (0)621 181-2681
Fax number: +49 (0)621 181-2682

Website: http://dws.informatik.uni-mannheim.de/en/